Mommy in the Spotlight: Laura McHugh

By Christina Leupp

Some women stop working near the end of their pregnancy. Laura McHugh just works harder. Emmy award-winning journalist and mommy-to-be, Laura McHugh, works in front of the camera on a weekly basis on PBS39’s newest program, FOCUS. Laura is not only a sedulous reporter, but an executive producer as well. Aside from being an award-winning newswoman, Laura manages to stay classy and stylish through her pregnancy. Her secret to maternal fashion success? of course!

This writer had the chance to talk with Laura about her fashion sense, working on-camera and why she’s become a fan of RMW. Here are some of the things she had to say:

RMW: How did you discover

LM: I've been a professional broadcast journalist for ten years, and I always thought that, if I got pregnant, I would go off-air during my eighth month. Best laid plans! Instead, I'm launching a new local show at 36 weeks pregnant. So, I knew I'd need help dressing the part! I discovered in one of my favorite ready-for-baby books, Baby Bargains. When I looked online, I immediately loved the wide selection of dresses, which is a style I wear frequently, pregnant or not.

RMW: What sets RMW apart from other maternity websites?

LM: First of all, I found RMW's website much easier to navigate than other rental websites. I also liked the very high-quality, specific selection. Instead of searching through hundreds of options to find one dress that might work, I like [that] RMW offers a more select, high-quality choice of dresses. I absolutely love the brands and designers featured on this website and found the rental prices very competitive and reasonable.

RMW: How would you describe your style?

LM: I describe my style as classic and polished. I love classic, timeless pieces and get a lot of mileage out of my LBDs and simple black patent pumps. I try to add personality with statement accessories.

RMW: From the dresses you selected, which are your favorites and why?

LM: My very favorite is the Willow gown. It's a floor-length, long-sleeve black gown with sequin details on the shoulders, a cross-over v-neck and side ruching. I wore it to the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Emmy(R) awards ceremony (another thing I never thought I'd do 8 months pregnant!) and received compliments on it all night. It was personally recommended my Marcelle, [the CEO of RMW,] and I understand why! The fabric was incredibly slimming through the hips and made me feel both supported and comfortable all night. The fitted shape actually showed off my belly instead of draping over it.

I also loved Maternal America's Jeweled Neckline Sleeveless Sheath Dress in eggplant, (which I will wear on a show about pregnancy and infant care), Jeweled Neckline Sheath Dress in black, and Shift Dress in navy, as well as Olian's Jersey Wrap Dress in raspberry. One of the things I love about the jeweled neckline dresses is that the embellishments draw the eye up to my face and away from my bigger and wider mid-section.

RMW: How did you accessorize your dresses?

LM: For the Willow dress, I accessorized with a pair of green agate statement earrings, which my husband gave me as a gift, and simple black satin, strappy sandals. On air, I really try to keep things simple but polished. I like people to notice what I'm wearing, but never be distracted by it. So, I don't try to make too many statements at once. Because of the embellishments on the Maternal America Jeweled Neckline Sheath dresses, I chose to accessorize with earrings; I paired simple diamond clusters with the eggplant sleeveless sheath and turquoise, teardrop earrings with the black sheath. I wore classic, black patent leather pumps with both and carried a grey and black Kate Spade purse. I got a little more excited for fall with Maternal America's navy Shift Dress, wearing it with gray tights, brown boots, and a soft brown leather hobo bag.

RMW: Do you think it’s important to keep your style versatile during your pregnancy? If yes, why?

LM: It's essential! Your shape changes from week to week. For work, blazers have been great along with anything to bring attention up to my face and neck, like a great statement earring. On the weekends, I lived in maxi dresses this summer. They made me feel put together, but still comfortable. I often paired them with gladiator sandals and a little denim jacket. As the weather is getting cooler and my due date closer, I'm loving tunic tops with leggings and boots right now. But for work on-air, I really like to look classic and polished, and that's why I love the dresses on RMW so much.

Laura McHugh’s stylish fashion sense sets her apart from other news anchors. Her picks from RMW allow her to report confidently while looking cute and comfortable. Not all mommys-to-be can perform on camera, but they can dress fabulously with! All of Laura’s dresses are available for rental. If you want to look fabulous and classy like Laura, then is the place to be!

Why Classic is the New Classy

by Christina Leupp

So often people hear the word "classy" and a few people come to mind. Princess Kate, Pricess Di, Jackie O., Coco Chanel....see a trend here? These iconic women kept two things in mind when dressing themselves: keep it simple and keep it classic. Pregnant women of today often have trouble keeping up with the latest trends due to awkward cuts, unflattering patterns and way too scantily cut pieces. The secret to staying fashionable through your pregnancy is simple: keep it classic. My personal favorite mommy to be is Princess Kate, not because of her fairy tale of a life story, but because she has totally figured out what flatters her baby bump. Sure, we all may not have a royal stylist at hand, but here are a few style tips inspired by the modern day princess:

The Empire Waist is your best friend
With so many crazy-tight dresses on display at your local department stores, overly form-fitted is a trend that’s hard to avoid. However, hugging-like-a-second doesn’t make as elegant a statement as a classic empire waist. Kate struts her stuff almost daily in empire waist dresses. This princess knows that this look perfectly flatters her baby bump. With so many elegant empire waist dresses on, you can't go wrong! (Just FYI, this writer's favorite empire waist dresses are the “Josephine” and the “Angelina!” -- both available at!)

Look how amazing (and slimming) the empire waist looks on Princess Kate. RMW’s “Angelina” dress, pictured left, will flatter your baby bump in a similar way!

Lose the crazy heels
High heels have been embraced by plenty of US women throughout their 9 months. Although ankle-strap sandals may be cute, many pregnant women find these sky-high heels super uncomfortable after an hour or two. Who says you need to tower over everyone at the party? Princess Kate rocks her flats on the daily. Not only can a classic pair of flats be über chic, but you'll be dancing circles around your friends who opted for your shoes' stiletto cousins.

Aren’t these flats adorable?

Simple patterns are fun! Crazy patterns are not
A classic floral pattern or polka dot dress is perfect for a baby shower or day wedding. However, with so many crazy animal and geometric print pieces available in stores, it's easy to get lost in a sea of patterns! For this trend, stick to the simple. A few flowers or an elegant jeweled neckline can get plenty of compliments. In this case, less is more. So, next time you stroll into a maternity section, stay away from the crazy patterns. Keeping it classic and simple will surely save you from a fashion faux pas. On, my favorite elegant floral print dress is the “Chiffon Shower Dress,” pictured below. The perfectly patterned coral flowers will wow all your friends at your baby shower!

Kate actually wore her polka dot dress to a friend’s wedding. You can look just as stunning with a floral or patterned dress from!

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